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Gym Logger Training Diary front Cover

Who Can Use A Gym Logger Workout Diary?

Our Workout Diary has been designed so that it can be used by anybody, training to improve any aspect of their performance.

You can record whatever parameters you like in your own style.

Record your reps, sets, weights, rest time, speed, timings, circuits, WODS, 1RM, PB’s, runs, swims, steps, laps or whatever you like.

Whatever you are training for, keep an accurate record of your progressions and use this to train smarter and harder than before. 

Why Should I Use A Gym Logger Workout Diary?

We have all tried to use awkward, time-consuming and distracting workout tracking apps on our phones.

If you are serious about your training you want to be focused and motivated. Not closing ads and keying in set after set.

Use your time wisely and jot down your hard work in our Compact And Rugged Training Diary instead!

Recording and Tracking your training allows you to apply progress more effectively which helps you improve performance faster and more often.

How Does a Gym Logger Diary Benefit My Training?

Gym Logger Diaries are not just for recording reps, sets and weights, you have useful note sections throughout to jot down helpful comments and feedback on all aspects of your workouts.

Note down when you are feeling tired, when you need to focus on exercise form or when you found the perfect pre-workout routine to come out all guns blazing.

Leave your future self motivation, work-ons and tips. This way you can keep on improving and reaching your goals.

Don’t Just Go Through The Motions.

Take your training to the next level and workout smarter and more effectively with The Most Versatile Workout And Exercise Diary On The Market.

The Gym Logger Training Journal has been designed to be used by anyone of any ability to improve and progress. Whatever you are training for, train smarter and Better Now.

At Gym Logger we understand the value of training and exercise. We want to provide you with the opportunity to improve and better yourself. 

Take advantage of our helpful training tips and goal setting prompts to achieve your health and fitness goals.

You should also keep an eye out for our comfortable and stylish training apparel which is coming soon.


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